Polyurethane Dipped Gloves manufacturer

Latex free polyurethane gloves

Polyurethane gloves are made of high polymer waterborne polyurethane. It is latex free. It is the products with quality,technology and innovation. The breathability of polyurethane gloves work better than other tranditional gloves. It is widely used in Food processing, housework, daily cleaning, industrial production, Electronic Machinery, Garden Agronomy, Experimental Analysis, Hairdressing tattoo and other industries.

Compared to the latex gloves and nitrile gloves, our polyurethane gloves has below performance:

-Waterborne polyurethane materials with high elasticity, fingerprint recognition openration can be flexible.

-Special molecular structure, excellet Moisture Vopor Transport( MVT ) extremely comfortable.

-Protein-free, non-Allergenic, no Nitrosamines

No sulfur, no accelerant or other chemical composition.

-Ultra-high tensile strength and elongation, easy to donning, left to right-handed, powder-free

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