condom with rivet holes

Promotional gift for your own business-condom with rivet hole.

Condom’s foil wrapper with rivet hole on one corner, and put a hanger on it, so it’s a good promotional gift for your own business. Such as we always produce the riveted condom for underwear or Clothing Company, it’s also can used as key ring, so many accessory shop always buy this type funny condom. So it’s also named key ring condom or key chain holder condoms, maybe it’s good gift for your boy friend or girlfriend.

We can produce your own logo foil wrapper and with your shape hanger, Based on normal request, the EXW price is about us$0.1-0.2/piece, please send us your inquiry to email, so we can calculate cost specially for you.

Other names: Condom Earrings; key ring condoms;

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