Non-Latex Ultra Thin Male Polyurethane Condoms Manufacturer

Non-Latex Ultra Thin Condoms made from polyurethane which is latex free material, are extremely thin. People who wear the polyurethane condom has a closer and and more intense feeling during lovemaking.

Polyurethane condom with a reservoir end, transparent, odorless, silicone lubricant.

Specification of PU condom:

Name: Polyurethane male condom

Width: 54mm

Length: 180mm

Thickness: 0.01mm, 0.02mm, 0.03mm

Packing: foil wrapper or buttercup

Advantage: Non-latex for those who’re latex allergy, super thin for skin feeling and fasting heat transfer, competitive condom price support

As a professional OEM condom factory, we can produce different types of latex condom and non-latex condom. Welcome contact us if you have interest in the non latex ultra thin condoms.

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