longer lasting silicone based perfect lubricants

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Why some people will like the silicone based lubricant?

Firstly it is silky texture, fragrance-paraben-and preservative free, gives you a silky smooth skin feeling.

Secondly it gives a long-lasting, soft velvety feel that enhance sensitivity and intimate comfort. Just a small amount is enough to keep you going much longer so you won’t have to stop and re-apply making sex more pleasurable. Because it is not easy dry, so it is also much better for using in shower, water.

Thirdly, it is suitable for vaginal, anal intercourse.

Fourth, it is condom compatible.

Besides above advantage, please also note that silicone lubricant is not a contraceptive, it doesn’t contain spermicide. Avoid to use together with silicone sex toys, because it can destroy them.

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