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hammerhead spike alien condoms

Spike alien condoms come in variety of textures, shapes, colors, flavors, and styles. It is also named thorn condom, spike condom, orgasm condom, novelty condom. It is made of natural latex and used for women who suffer from low libido and decreased clitoris sensitivity in order to help reaching climax. It is lubricated and contains fantasy rubber to enhance pleasure. MANGO brand spike condom come in types SPIRAL, COLLAR, CHIRK, ROMANTIC(hammerhead). These are some hot selling type of condom.We also customize many other types spike condoms. Client can choose from them. Welcome contact us and ask for the photos. Spike condom can stimulate female G spot easily, it can offer women super sexual fun. Add this kind condom among your condom series can helps your brand condoms outstanding. It can helps you win more consumers. If you have interest in it, don’t hesitate to contact us. We manufacture condom with full experience. Email:   WhatsApp:  0086-191-5379-1397  Contact: Rita  

male latex condom manufacturers

As a professional condom manufacturer, we have full experience in producing and exporting condoms to the whole world. Established in 2008, we installed 2 advanced production dipping lines with Japan technology, this make us has big advantages in quality condom production. Although we’re not a big condom manufacturing factory, we’re technology innovated condom company. Super thin condoms give people more skin feelings. Textured condoms give people more fun. Plain condoms give people smooth feelings. Large condoms give people extra room. Our condoms are designed to enhance your sexual experience. It is soft and safety. We manufacture condoms with different types of condoms, different condom sizes, different condom colors, different condom flavors. Custom condom package is accepted. ISO approved high quality, meet the requirements of the WHO/UNFPA male latex condom. Each condom pass the electronically tested. Except latex condoms, we also do the novelty condoms such as spike condoms, non-latex condoms such as polyurethane condoms. Let’s work together and make your brand condoms standing out among so many competitive condom brands. Let’s work as a team. Welcome send us your inquiry. Email:   WhatsApp:  0086-191-5379-1397  Contact: Rita

ultra thin condom manufacturing company

  Buttercup ultra thin lubricated condoms give traditional products a new vitality. Condom is super thin. Package is fashion and attracting, and easy to open. As a professional condom manufacturing, OEM client’s own brand condoms is our main business. If you’re a new starter, we can help you making the design artworks and give you the best suggestions. If you have stayed in condom market for a long history, we can produce the products with high and stable quality for you. To cooperate with us, you don’t need worry about quality and complaint, no need worry about the market quality test. We have considered all aspects for you, from products to delivery. Ultra thin condoms manufacturing company warmly welcome your visit. You can test our products quality on site. Email: WhatsApp: 0086-191-5379-1397 Contact:Rita

Fabricantes de preservativos à procura de grossista

O preservativo da marca MANGO é uma das nossas marcas de preservativos de alta qualidade. Concentre-se no mercado de médio a alto que pode aceitar alta qualidade e preço razoável, ele ganha alta reputação dos consumidores. O preservativo da marca MANGO fornece diferentes tipos de preservativos, como preservativo simples, preservativo pontilhado, preservativo com nervuras, preservativo com contornos, preservativo de tamanho grande, preservativo com sabor, preservativo de atraso. Aceitamos personalizar com as informações do cliente quando a quantidade chegar ao necessário. Cada preservativo MANGO é testado eletronicamente e a qualidade é muito superior à qualidade padrão ISO4074. Dê às pessoas o preservativo MANGO, dê às pessoas proteção e diversão seguras. Como uma fábrica profissional de preservativos personalizados, os preservativos de marca própria do cliente personalizado também são o nosso principal negócio. Se você é um iniciante, podemos ajudá-lo a fazer as artes de design e dar as melhores sugestões. Se você permanecer no mercado de preservativos por uma longa história, podemos produzir produtos com qualidade alta e estável para você. Para cooperar conosco, você não precisa se preocupar com qualidade e reclamação, não precisa se preocupar com o teste de qualidade do mercado. Consideramos todos os aspectos para você, desde os produtos até a entrega. Vamos trabalhar em equipe, acreditamos que nossa cooperação pode trazer enorme sucesso para ambos. Email:   WhatsApp:  0086-191-5379-1397  Contact: Rita

Sagami Rubber Industries Co., Ltd.

Found in 1934, Sagami Rubber Industries Co.,Ltd. Is the first condom manufacturer in Japan. Sagami Original is a well-known condom brand focuses on the advantage of polyurethane and provide one of the thinnest condoms in the world. Advantages of polyurethane condoms: -Contains no protein, latex free -No rubber latex smell -natural feeling, transmit heat as if almost no condom was being used. -High burst pressure and high tensile strength As a professional custom condom factory, our produced condoms have received highly favorable reputation from users. Insist on keeping high quality and unique products and services to meet requirements of consumers and business partners. Enjoy indescribable pleasure with our condoms. Email:   WhatsApp:  0086-191-5379-1397  Contact: Rita