Condom News

How to use a male condom

Condoms are a great way to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases. However, for them to be most effective, you have to know how to use a condom correctly. Instructions Make a decision to have sex. Talk about safer sex with your partner. Check the expiration date on the condom package. Throw out the condom and open a new box if the condom has expired. Check for any punctures in the condom/wrapper by feeling the package to see if it contains an air bubble. If there is no air bubble, throw out the condom and try a new one. Carefully tear open the package, making certain not to tear the condom. The condom should go on like a hat, not like a shower cap. Make certain that you place it on so that it unrolls easily down the outside of the penis. You shouldn’t need to put your fingers inside the condom to unroll it. Pinch the tip of the condom to remove any air. You want to leave room for the ejaculate when you roll it on the penis Holding the tip of the condom, begin to roll it down the shaft of the penis. There should be room at the end of the condom, but there should not be any trapped air. Roll the condom the rest of the way down the penis. The condom should be put on after the penis is erect, but before there is any contact between you and your partner. After ejaculation, hold onto the base of the condom while withdrawing your penis from your partner. Carefully remove the condom and dispose of it in the trash. Do not flush the condom down the toilet unless you want to risk a large plumbing bill.

Help clients build own condom facility

Some of our clients grow quickly after build own condom brand, their annual sales almost double annually, this stimulate them build own condom facility, hope this way can lower their purchase cost and which also can offer more jobs to local people. As a professional condom plant located at China, we are familiar with all the condom production process and we also revised some main parts of the production line according to our experience and lesson, which make the dipping line work more smoothly and efficiency. and we also can make sure the all the machine and technology in better cost control. In order to make our clients easy in the project, we offer turnkey service to our clients and train their own engineer in the first year, we will transfer the factory to our clients after they master and can run the factory themselves.  

Polyurethane condom is ready now

After 5 years study on the polyurethane material, our final non latex condom success at 2016, there are 0.01mm, 0.02mm 0.03mm male condoms and 0.02mm female condom, all made from polyurethane material, which is non-porous. our MOQ is 100 000 pcs, welcome inquiry us to have own brand non latex condom!  

Mango brand condom has unique style display box

Mango brand condom has unique style display box, 12 boxes/inner box, which is workable to mix.of each type. if you has better idea to display and load the consumer box, welcome you offer us your idea, we can work together to improve it better and better.