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Climax Control Condoms Manufacturer

Climax control condoms are condoms that are designed to help delay ejaculation and prolong sexual activity. They typically contain a small amount of benzocaine that can help to reduce sensitivity and delay orgasm. Climax control condoms work by numbing the penis, which can make it easier to control ejaculation and prolong sexual activity. However, it’s important to note that these condoms are not a permanent solution to premature ejaculation and should not be used as a substitute for other forms of treatment, such as therapy or medication. It’s also important to use climax control condoms as directed and to be aware of potential side effects, such as skin irritation or allergic reactions. As with any type of condom, it’s important to choose a high-quality product that has been tested and approved by regulatory agencies. Additionally, it’s important to remember that condoms are not 100% effective at preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (STIs), so it’s important to use additional forms of protection, such as birth control pills or STI testing, as needed. Climax control condoms also named delay condoms, long lasting condoms, long love condoms, benzocaine condoms. It can be smooth condoms or textured condoms, also can be condoms with flavor or without flavor. Climax control condoms are one of the hot selling condom types. We can produce other types of condoms either. Welcome contact us and customize your own brand condom from a approved condom manufacturer. Email:   WhatsApp: 0086-191-5379-1397  Contact: Rita

buttercup condoms ultra thin

  Product type: buttercup condoms ultra thin thin thickness available: 0.03mm, 0.04mm, 0.05mm color: natural color, or customized color flavor: non-flavor or add fruite flavor or vanilla or chocolate or mint or others. you can tell us which flavor do you pefer. size: regular size Ultra thin condoms pack into the fashion buttercups, it is easy to open and will not be teared up when open the package. Condoms with buttercup package is an exceptional promotional product. This product not only will capture the attention of your audience but will generate an exponential effect on the market. If you’re interested in customizing own brand buttercup condoms ultra thin, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Email:  Whatsapp: 0086-191-5379-1397 Contact: Rita

custom long time condoms manufacturer

If you dreaming of just once putting on a performance beyond the wildest expectations and imaginings of your partner? Dream no more! Extend your lovemaking for long time with the long time condoms. The condoms are furnished with en ejaculation retarding paste which is free of fat and is applied to the inside of the condom. They can together with dotted, ribbed, or flavored. We can customize the long love condom according to your requirement. LONG LOVE condom made of premium imported natural rubber latex, it is 100% electronically tested. With the safe dosage of the delay ingredients, which can make men last longer time, also can keep safe use. Wear it on and for a long time love. Contact us for condom producing. Email:   WhatsApp:  0086-191-5379-1397  Contact: Rita  

hyaluronic acid lubricated condoms

Hyaluronic acid lubricated condoms coated with hyaluronan can enhance the sexual experience with more moisture and pleasure effect. Hyaluronic acid condoms are made of premium natural latex, natural color, reservoir-ended. It can do straight shape or anatomic shape. We can add flavor according to client’s requirements or do non-flavored condoms. Enjoy the experience with the added moisturizing sensation. Love-making session is not going to be the same with the deep moisturizing and skin like feel experience. As a professional condom manufacturer, we can produce different types of condoms such as climax control condoms which is for long lasting love; textured condoms with dots or ribs or dots&ribs which can stimulate both partners; large size condoms which provide extra comfortable for big men; super thin condoms which give people the skin feelings, just like wear nothing. Custom condoms for men reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) while you play. Promotes a safe, healthy, and fun sex life. Email:  Whatsapp: 0086-191-5379-1397 Contact: Rita

longer lasting silicone based perfect lubricants

Why some people will like the silicone based lubricant? Firstly it is silky texture, fragrance-paraben-and preservative free, gives you a silky smooth skin feeling. Secondly it gives a long-lasting, soft velvety feel that enhance sensitivity and intimate comfort. Just a small amount is enough to keep you going much longer so you won’t have to stop and re-apply making sex more pleasurable. Because it is not easy dry, so it is also much better for using in shower, water. Thirdly, it is suitable for vaginal, anal intercourse. Fourth, it is condom compatible. Besides above advantage, please also note that silicone lubricant is not a contraceptive, it doesn’t contain spermicide. Avoid to use together with silicone sex toys, because it can destroy them. We’re a professional personal lubricant manufactory with ISO/CE/GMP. If you need to customize own lubricant formula or private label lubricant package, welcome contact us. Email: Whatsapp: 0086-191-5379-1397 Contact: Rita