About Us

Welcome to Mango Brand Condom! We focus on premium quality at reasonable price, safety and soft feel in actual use. All the condoms are more lubricated, so our consumers aways return to purchase again and again. And we only look for one distributor at each country, this will prove our partner's invest.

As a professional custom condom manufacturer approved by ISO/CE, We also pleasure to custom produce clients own brand condom, Lower MOQ and reasonable price both also attract many long cooperation partners. Welcome inquiry us for details, let's supply the world more quality condoms and make the world more safe and healthy.


Mango Condom

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Mango condom is our company's in house brand, we plan look for one distributor in each country, and we welcome you to be your exclusively distributor, this will protect you from others competition, and our mango condom is good quality with affordable reasonable price, you will benefit better from our cooperation.

Custom Condom

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As an OEM condom factory, we also can produce clients own brand condom, that's also named custom condoms. our level is good quality with reasonable cost, so price not so higher and also not cheap, so please contact us if your level same as us, we will be your better choice!  Keep in mind, never choose cheap condom!

New Condom

new condom study and research lab

if you has any alien or new idea on condom, we are pleasure to study and work it out, such as our another best seller: spike condom, this is also a new idea 15 years ago by one consumer. According to our experience, only 1 or 2 new projects will come to market based on 10 new ideas, but we think it's really great honor if we can work as team offer consumer more sexy fun!

Personal Lubricants


Personal lubricants always use same time as condom, which will smooth the intercourse. And all the condom buyers always like to buy personal lubricants, so our company also invest on the lube's research, welcome clients inquiry us of own label personal lubricants, sachet, tube or bottle package all are possible!